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February 3, 2020

The Amarah Fashion brow pomade is a cream based formula created to appease artists on accurately portraying fake hair on the brow with the right brush .

📸 : Siham Amoody on Instagram.
What do you prefer to use on your eyebrows, is it a Brow definer or a Brow pomade ?Normally I use a brow powder for a more natural looking brows but since getting the Amarah Fashion brow pomade in dark brown I’ve been taking my eyebrow game on a whole other level .
Did you know you can use your eyebrow pomade as an eyeliner? Or as a contour? But you have to be an expert in this category sometimes it can ruin your whole look, just blend it right and voila you have it .


First of all identify your face shape and work with the brows that goes with it , most of the times we tend to like certain looks of people with different face shapes and expect your eyebrows to be exactly similar to how they looked on someone else and go as far as shaving your eyebrows to get them right . No ! you have a unique brow shape that goes with your looks and identifying that will make it easier to create eyebrows fit and perfect for you .

There are approximately about 6 face types with different brow structure .
Here are some few brow types from Google ;

Once you identify your brow type now all you have left to do is create it .

STEP 1 :

Take your angle sided brush and dip it to your pomade just a bit not much then brush your eyebrow hair with a spoolie upwards to outline the shape of your base line from the tip of your brow to the end then brush the hair downwards and draw the upper line but this time start drawing from ¾ part of the brow just a bit further from the starting point of the bottom line as you connect it to the baseline at the end .

STEP 2 :

Refill your pomade and start sketching within the two horizontal lines at the direction of your brows a bit curved not straight to create hair like illusion starting from the beginning of the base line stroking upwards towards the upper line with less strengthened strokes and deepen it as you head towards the curved point .

STEP 3 :

Repeat the process until satisfied with your eyebrows then brush it out with a spoolie to even out the product .

STEP 4 :

Once completely done take a thin brush and fill it with your foundation/concealer which ever you prefer and clean out the mess at the top and bottom of your eyebrows then blend it out towards your skin .

Tips for fixing a Dried Brow Pomade .

How many times have you thrown your pomades just cause it’s dried up due to cold weather? (Yeah I know it sucks) but guess what? Here are some few tips to help you regain the moisture of the pomade :

• Most of the time the problem is the stored condition of the pomade .

With this you can either reheat in a microwave for 10 seconds or less , you can also use body heat as a means of re-heating as you work on your foundation or eyeshadow.

• When the pomade is left open or you can’t close properly the pomade is meant to freeze and dry up things you can use to regain the moisture;

1- Amarah Fashion Rose gold facial oil- love me some multitasking product. This oil can act as a primer, moisturizer and can even be used to restore your dried up pomade just a drop of it and mix it up with the pomade enough to the amount you need and voila ready to use .

2- Baby oil – Yes! this also works for me just brush the tip of your eyebrow brush with the Johnson’s baby oil and dip it into your pomade enough to wet the amount you want to work with . ( you can also use this to grow your eyebrows.)

3- Primer is also helpful when it comes to Rehydrating your pomade , spray the eyebrow brush with the primer enough to wet it then dip it into the dried pomade and stir it slowly side to side enough to get the exact amount you need.

4. Close your lid tightly and avoid places with cold temperature to stop it from drying out . ( Did you know Amarah Fashion brow pomade has an extra seal to prevent it from drying out easily ? ) it’s been almost a year and still creamy .

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